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How to load a truck guide | rental company | moving truck | self service moving

Self service moving is the best option for people, who want to save money. The most challenging job in self service moving option is moving the household goods into a van or truck. The loading has to be done in such a way that the goods remain safe throughout the transportation.

If you do not have any experience in loading a truck with self service moving, it is better to hire a professional to help with the loading and packing task. You may also take help from friends and family members in a self service moving option.

Sometimes you may have to load heavy items such as dressers and sofas. Such types of items require manpower to transport and lift. You may not have the required manpower and special equipments required for moving or transporting such heavyweight goods. At such times, it is better to hire a professional lifting service provider, who has all the necessary equipments to execute this job effectively.

Other Things to Remember:

In self service moving, check if the cartons are packed completely before loading any materials into the moving truck. It has to be packed from the top to the bottom. If you are falling short of items, make use of bundled paper to pack the cartons. This will ensure safety and damage to the cartons, even if other goods are piled on them.

Load the goods from the front and then make your way back. You may even place them starting from the floor to the ceiling. Make sure all the space in the truck is full and all the goods are placed tightly, so that the goods do not move or shuffle, while transportation. Fill the open spaces in the truck with cartons or you may tie up the back portion with straps to prevent goods from moving, while on the run.

Items that have lot of weight need to be kept on the floor and place lighter things such as plastic stuff on top the heavier items. In self service moving, place furniture items such as desks and tables at the end to ensure safety of other goods. Load the goods in such a way that they do not harm other goods. Do not drag the sofa, as it may damage its legs and bottoms.

In self service moving, the rental company will not take responsibility for damage of the goods loaded in the truck. Keep valuable items, such as jewelry and other important documents with yourself, while on the drive.