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It pays to get as much self storage facility information as you can before you put your possessions in storage. Look for a local storage facility that is conveniently located and easy accessible, with enough space for parking. There should not be too much distance between the space for parking trucks and the storage unit.

Rent as much storage space as you need and for as long as you need it. There is no need to rent more space than you need or to get into a long-term contract. Try to find a storage facility that will allow you to cancel at any time and will refund the rent for the remaining period.

You can reduce the clutter in your home by putting all the things you don’t need immediately in self storage. This may include documents that have to be preserved and items that have sentimental value.

Put a strong lock on the door of the self storage unit and keep the key. If you are storing valuable items, you can consider hiring a unit with an individual security alarm. You can buy insurance cover for your possessions while they are in storage.

Find A Secure self storage facility

Look for a secure storage facility that has video surveillance, guards, alarm systems, and fire protection systems in place. The self storage facility should be well protected from water and heat.

Obtain quotes in writing from as many storage facilities as you can and try and get the best deal. Check the reputation of the facility and read the agreement carefully. Find out if you will be allowed to access the storage unit freely or if any access charges are payable. Ask about the timings for accessing storage units.

Create an aisle while storing the boxes in the storage unit and store heavy boxes at the bottom. List the contents of each box on the label and make sure that the label is visible.

Don’t store perishable, flammable, or corrosive items in the storage unit. You can rent a climate controlled storage unit for valuable items that are very delicate, like furniture, video tapes, and photo albums.

Packing In Portable Storage Containers

You can also consider packing your things in a portable storage container, which will be delivered at your home or office. Portable storage containers can be used for onsite storage or collected by the moving company and put in a storage center. Call up the storage company when you want to recover your possessions and the container will be delivered at your doorstep.

Whether you are looking for household storage, business storage, portable storage, or auto storage, we can help you to find storage solutions that are just right for you. Please fill out the form provided here to get free quotes from highly-rated self storage facilities in your area. Your contact details will not be revealed to anyone without your consent and there are no charges or commitments involved at all.